Donald Trump - We Don't Trust You

  • 30 Jan 2018 8:58 AM
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    Donald Trump… We don’t Trust You!

    We have now started the second year of the presidency of a man who claims “I am the best…,I am the most…,I am the greatest, …. (You complete the twitter message).  Millions of Americans would fill in the blank space with… LIAR!  After thousands of lies, hundreds of mixed messages, and dozens of reversals of positions…we have lost all trust in the “Reality TV Host” acting in place of our country’s leader.   No need to present a list here as the REAL Media has well documented the extent of his verbal transgressions. It is obvious, he does not deserve our TRUST!

    What is trust?  It is defined by the belief that one can rely on the words, actions, and good intentions of another person, and feel sure they will carry out their promises in the best interests of all.  Donald Trump, you have used words that are twisted, vague, hurtful, self-serving, ill-chosen, deceitful, and evil.  Donald Trump, you have taken actions based on personal bias and self-promotion which are not in the best interest of ALL Americans.  You have made promises which you knew could not be fulfilled…and other promises that will hopefully never be realized.  You do not deserve our TRUST!

    Researchers who have studied the characteristics of trusted leaders have identified two essential traits. The first is competence or ability.  This requires the leader to have the knowledge and skills needed to do a job, along with the interpersonal skills and “general wisdom” needed to succeed. The second is termed character, which was can be thought of as having two distinct components: compassion, the extent to which a leader is believed to want to do good for others, and integrity, the extent to which a leader follows sound values and ethical principles.  Donald Trump has provided evidence of neither trait, thus lacks the ability to act as the leader of the free world.  He does not have the competence or character needed to be an effective leader.  Trump does not deserve our TRUST!

    Americans, have never been in these circumstances.  For over two centuries, we have had exemplary leaders as well as a few others who have not measured up to our expectations.  There is no doubt that we have never had a president who has created circumstances where it is unwise to take his words or promises either literally or seriously.  He has surrounded himself with an administration steeped in bias and prejudice.  One thing is obvious, after twelve months of bungling, Donald Trump and his administration have no credibility and cannot possibly lead.  Many believed Trump would grow into his job.  Now it is apparent that he is becoming more erratic. We must live in fear for the day when a crisis arises, and we must face it with an incompetent at the helm.  He has not earned the TRUST of Americans, or the rest of the world.

    Holding on to the hope that our country can be saved by impeachment is unwise.  It is unlikely that even the intense scrutiny developed by the Mueller inquiry will lead to his removal as president.  The legislative bodies are controlled by Republicans who would prefer to “work around” Trump rather than deal with the obvious.  It has also become apparent that simply eliminating Trump would not “fix” our government.  Those who would remain in positions of power, those who were his choices, will not provide the leadership we need.  We must depend on the wisdom of the crowd and change our government through elections.  The election of 2018 offers Americans the opportunity to force a change and establish a government we can TRUST!

    Marv Christensen

    January 2018


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